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Funk (Slap & Pop)

Equipment Used

Musicman Sterling bass
Carl Martin compressor
Electro-harmonix Q-tron envelope filter
Zoom 506 bass processor


A really nice funky bass and treble sound like the Flea’s sound. Ideal for slap sytle funk because the slaps bring forward the bass and the pops bring the treble out to an excess.Sounds excellent when slapped very fast and you get a mixture of low and high notes which are bassy and trebley respectively.


The mid on your amp and bass should be right down or at a bare minimum. Turn the bass up to achieve the strength of sound that you want. If your cannot hear/feel the basses lowest string clearly over/under the guitar then turn it up until you do. The treble should be turned up past the bass by one or two units until you can hear the sharp snap of the D and G string when you pop and until all your notes no matter how softly you hit the string sound seperated. These settings should be mimicked closely on your bass especially if you have active electronics. Most importantly you should not hit the strings too hard but turn the amp up. The point of this being that you really hit them hard when slapping and popping so the effect is very accentuated.

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