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Chunky Rhythm

Equipment Used

Korg AX1000G
Tech 21 Trademark 60


This can be described as a versatile “blues” sound in the style of a Marshall Plexi. I personally use it for chunky Black Francis-style chord thrashing.


Channel 2
Weep: off
Drive: Minimum
Growl: 10-2 0’clock according to your taste
Level: doesn’t matter

Don’t forget to use the volume knob on the guitar. Channel 2 gives a much bigger clean sound than channel 1 though you’ll have much less headroom.

I use the Korg just to add a little compression into the front end of the amp. To my ears it sweetens things up though too much kills the tone.

One Response to “Chunky Rhythm”

  1. baddmann28 August 8, 2011 at 7:02 PM #

    This setting works great running a RAT in front, RAT volume at 3 o’clock, Filter around noon and Distortion between noon and 2.

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