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Sweet Blues Rock

Equipment Used
Mexican Strat w/ Fender Tex-Mex pickups and Fender Super 250 strings, Roland BC-60 Blues Cube amplifier

Nice, fat bluesy sound with plenty of variety in tone and great response from the tex-mex pickups.

On the strat, set the volume to 10, the middle tone nob to 5, and the bottom tone nob to 10. Here are the settings for the Blues Cube:

Normal Channel
Bright: on 
Crunch: normal 
Volume: 8 
Bass: 5 
Middle: 7 
Treble: 10

Lead Channel
Boost: on 
Pre Volume: 12 
Post Volume: 9 
Bass: 6 
Middle: 7 
Treble: 10

Reverb: 1 
Rectifex: tube 
Presence: 1

I wouldn’t set the Master Volume too high, as these settings produce a rather hot sound. You do, however, have to push it above 3 or 4 to get great response from the amp. Setting it too high, though, can mean a distorted sound (even when clean) or even worse, like blown speakers. The effects settings aren’t really important unless you make use of the effects loop. At that point, I recommend an even mix between dry and wet (12 o’clock), and set the switch to LOW if you’re using pedals, or HIGH if you’re coming back into the amp from a LINE output on your effects processor.

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