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Equipment Used
PRS Custom 22
Rocktron HUSH pedal
Snarling Dog WHINE-O Wha-Wha pedal

I play a PRS Custom 22, very hot lead pickup. I play Classic Rock and Heavy Metal. The above settings lean more toward the Metallica and Ozzy stuff, but work for classic rock with a heavier sound. I bought this amp after I (finally) spilled a beer down the guts of my 1991 5150! I love the 5150, but the Ultra, with the clean channel, gets so many more sounds. The above settings are waht I came up with when trying to recreate my 5150 sound. I’d say the 5150 has a distinct kick butt sound and can’t be exactly reproduced. But, the Ultra comes *really* close. If I could only own one I’d take the Ultra. Luckly I’m fortunate enough to have both (I sent the 5150 to Peavey directly in MS, and they fixed it right up).

Master: 3
Reverb: 3
Edge: 9
Body: 2
Bottom: 7
Ultra Vol: 6-8
Ultra Gain: 8
Crunch Vol: 4-5
Crunch Gain: 7
Clean HI: 8
Clean MID: 4
Clean LO: 8
Clean Vol: 4

Ultra SW (IN)
Crunch SW (IN)
Channel SW (IN)
Bright SW (OUT)
Resonance SW (top most position)
Output SW (full 120W)

I rarely use the reverb.

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