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Heavy Metal

Equipment Used
Washburn BT-2 guitar, DOD grunge distortion pedal.

This is a great sound to play punk, or heavy metal. A very thick and heavy sound. 

*note* this set up sounds even better with a distortion pedal, i recommend the DOD distortion pedal, it gives you that round, fat, chunky sound.


Clean channel
Volume: 4
Low: 10
Mid: 0
High: 6

Lead channel
Pre gain: 10
Trash & gain button: Whatever
Low: 10
Mid: 0
High: 6
Post gain: 4
Reverb: 2

One Response to “Heavy Metal”

  1. Lauren January 12, 2013 at 2:26 PM #

    Plz help me I am new at guitar and I have a cheap electric guitar I do not have gain on my amp it is pretty small it has Drive, tremble, volume and bass how to I make it sound deep metal with only those thing please help I am DESPERATE! Thanks

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