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Van Halen

Equipment Used

  • Kramer Baretta
  • Peavey 5150
  • Dod stereo phaser
  • Aria flanger
  • Ibanez Soundtank echomachine
  • Alesis Microverb reverb

This sound is as close as I can get to the Van Halen I sound with the equipment I have. It is fat and juicy with a very similar top end response. No doubt it would sound better if I could afford an MXR phaser and flanger. The soundtank delay is raw sounding, and gives a good 70’s tape delay type sound (a bit like Ed’s echoplex) only cheap!

Phaser (b/t guitar and amp) set nice and slow for solos only. 5150 lead channel gain 5.5, bass 10, middle 2, treble 5, post gain 1.2, resonance 6, presence 9.5 (This is for bedroom levels – as you increase the post gain, decrease the presence to compensate for added top end). F/X loop: Flanger, slow, not too much depth, set for midrangey sweep. Only used to accentuate certain phrases. Echo set for slapback, not too loud (used on most solos, all of Jamie’s Cryin’, Atomic Punks, etc.) Reverb mid-length decay, not too loud. If you are recording, add it afterwards for stereo reverb. (obviously with guitar panned left) Guitars with different pickups (the Kramer has relatively powerful humbuckers) will obviously need different gain and treble settings. Back off guitar volume for cleaner sounds.

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