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Slick Hard Rock

Equipment Used
I use an old Roland GP-8 in the F/X loop, for the delay only, set to 300 ms, just enough to hear it.

Duncan JBs and DiMarzio Super Distortions are particularly nice with a 5150, in the bridge of course.

Big rock’n polished studio sound, live! AND at family room volumes!

Eddie’s settings as a start.

6.2  6.6  6.6  2.0  5.0  4.5  4.4  3.5  6.2
pre  pre  low  mid  hi  mst  mst  res  prs

Crunch switch IN. I haven’t changed much at much. I keep coming back to this sweet spot since 93. I just put the mid on 3 and the resonance and presence both on 7!

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