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Thunderverb 50

The Thunderverb 50 has been an underrated amp since its release and is just now getting its due. It mixes a very classic feel of a dual el34 50w format with modern tone shaping options by way of clever but simple controls

I generally use channel A for my overdriven sounds while channel B takes up my clean duties, for an overall rock sound.
Those settings are (using clockface references):
Attenuator: to taste, usually around 3 o’clock for reasonable practicing in an appartment. The attenuator works very well so the tone is maintained at all volumes from baby sleeping to arena. Once my settings are dialed, this control works as an effective volume control.
Reverb: 9 and under unless I’m feeling far out
Ch A volume: I keep it around 12-2 to only be a bit louder than clean tones. I keep a micro amp boost in the loop for a solo volume boost
Ch A treble: 3
Ch A middle: 9
Ch A bass: 3

With most amps this would result in a scooped tone, but channel A seems to very classically emphasize mid frequencies so I balance it out a bit for a touch more modern grind.
Ch A gain: from 1-full. 1 o’clock yields a nice bit of crunch good for dynamic indie playing, anywhere beyond gives a deliciously satisfying crunch to lead tone.

Ch B volume: full
Ch B shape: 12 +/-
The shape control is an eq-in-a- knob tone control that when full left is all mids and no bass or treble, and when full right is scooped completely. For my clean usages I like it scooped ever so slightly. Sounds great w a strat, tele or my main sg.
Ch B gain: 11:30-12 clean. Only crunches a bit when really slammed, retains fullness and dynamics.

Some notes and alternate sounds:
Channel B seems to break up later on the gain dial than channel A, and I take advantage of that. However channel B seems to have a touch more preamp distortion when both are cranked, but a tad quieter. So channel A is muscle, B is bite.

Great distorted modern rock dark tone (ala tool): crank all 3 knobs on ch B then roll the shape back a bit to about 3 o’clock.

Awesome 80s hotrod marshall: channel A, crank volume and gain, eq to taste.

Channel B can also get an awesome classic rock tone when shape is rolled left. But ch A allows the option to push a bit more treble in the mix.

This amp gets every tone I can think of (aside from a true surf tone, which I have my twin for!) Which is great since I leterally play everything. My go-to amp and and a geniously engineered one which I suspect will gain much notoriety in the years to come.

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