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Here are all the settings I’ve used on my Orange OR50.  This is a great amp that gets a good range of classic crunch up to overdriven slightly fuzzy tones.

The column labels are as follows (left to right across amp knobs): V – Master Volume, HF – HF Drive (sorta like Presence), T – Treble, M – Mids, B – Bass, G – Gain.  Any settings left blank can be varied to your taste.  Numbers are in “o’clock” format (i.e. 12 is straight up).

V    HF   T    M    B   G

9      x     9    2    11  1-2

1      x     1   11   12  10.5

1     2     12  12    0    3     –   This one is from the Decemberists.  The M setting can be adjusted to taste.  Watch out this one is LOUD!

9     1     1    10   12  12.5

10  1.5  12   11   8    2   –  This gets a great beefier Chuck Berryish tone on my 335

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