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Loud 70′s Rock

Equipment Used
Boss SD-1 Super OverDrive, Dunlop Crybaby 535Q.

Gets a good AC/DC meets Sabbath meets Stevie Ray Vaughn sound. Loud, crunchy, dirty, but with that 70s smoothness and sustain.

I’ve removed 2 tubes from the Orange to make it 80 watts. It breaks up at quieter volumes which is much more practical for me. I’ve got the bass turned to about 8 and the treble to about 1. I turn the FAC (Frequency Analysis Control) knob to the far left (bassiest) setting. I bring the treble back into the picture by turning the presence all the way up. I rarely need to turn the gain up past 4.

I have all the knobs at 12 o’clock on the SD-1 and I’m still experimenting with different settings on the Crybaby (that’s right, this Crybaby’s got settings).

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