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Big Old School Rock

The AD30HTC pretty much sounds like itself no matter which way you spin the tone knobs, but for the biggest old school rock sound here’s where I like to set ’em…

Master Volume: 10 (yes it has to be all the way up to get those power tubes singing)

All tone knobs: 10 (the AD30 has a different kind of eq. It is more of a subtractive bandpass kind of setup. If you turn all of the tone knobs down, no sound will come out. Conversely, if you turn them all up none of your tone is subtracted and the amp really opens up)

Gain: 5-7 (You can go higher, but the amp really starts to take off and get squirrely above 7. If you need more gain, hit it with a clean boost)

This is using an LP through a Marshall cab so YMMV, but I would imagine it will work with any decent cab and guitar. Keep in mind, this is a very old school rock sound. It will absolutely blow for metal, but it is the real deal for rock and roll.

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One Response to “Big Old School Rock”

  1. jeanleryml June 17, 2010 at 1:29 AM #

    I mind listening to all types of old school rocks until now. Using some instruments makes the music more alive. During my school life, we always enjoy having a mini rock concert at school for a particular event and became the exciting part in the school of music.

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