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Throaty Roar

Equipment Used
Mesa Boogie S.O.B.
Ibanez TS-9
Epiphone Sheraton II

This setup will ahcieve a full throated roar that blooms alot way after you strike a chord. fat and warm with highs enough to really nail your solos.

Epiphone Sheraton II: tones all the way up. I use the bridge pickup for rhythm and roll the volume back to about 8. Keep the neck pickup full out, and just flip the switch up for solos.

Ibanez TS-9: drive at abou 3 or 4 tone at halfway, and volume almost cranked. Use it for extra volume and sustain.

Mesa Boogie S.O.B: use the number 2 input set volume 2 to about 3, master volume to between 7 and 10. bass at 3 or 4 treble at 7 and mid at 5. These amps have limiters, but don’t use it.

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