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Modern Rock Distortion

Equipment Used
Triple Rectifier solo head with a Fender Double Fat Stratocaster set the the bridge pickup which is a seymour duncan pearly gate plus and the cable is a Monster Cable (Performer 500 monster rock) the speaker cabinet is a mesa boogie standard 4×12 recto cab.

A distortion that is thick and creamy, great for lead and rythm guitar. This sound is found in modern rock and punk rock.

This tone comes from the new 3 channel heads mesa makes now. I’m not familiar with the old 2 channel heads but i would guess you would get about the same kind of tone.

Footswitch on, effects loop on footswitch
Effects loop mixer controls at normal
Channel 2 set to modern
Presence: 4-6 (11:00-12:00)
Master: wherever you want it — mines at 5(12:00)
Gain: 8 (3:00)
Bass: 6-7 (2:00-4:00)
Mid: 5 (12:00)
Treble: 5 (12:00)

For effects I would put the time effects through the effects loop and wah, chorus or reverb infront between the guitar and amp.

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