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Heavy Clear Rhythm

Equipment Used

Tri-axis preamp, Strat with a DiMarzio PAF Pro151 Bridge, Stereo slap delay from the processor of your choice, Boogie 20/20 power amp (or 290 simul-class)


I needed a really nasty sound for a session I was playing. Trouble was that most of them lost all sense of the note. The levels must stay pretty close to these to get it to stay clear in open or tuned down rhythm.


Gain: 6
Treble: 9 – you can play with this one
Mid: 6
Bass: 6.5
Lead Drive 1: 5.5
Lead Drive 2: not used
Master: 5
Presence: 6
Dynamic Voice: 5 – This one really alters the tone
Mode Lead one red

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