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This setup was initially modeled after Joe Satriani’s live rig, though I have tailored it to my liking: To me the sound is very similar to Joe’s:
“The Forgotten – Part 2”
>From “Flying in a Blue Dream”

With this setup you can get a fantistic “throaty” gain that can be easily varied with the guitar’s volume knob. It cleans up well. The Brake allows volume attenuation while allowing you to drive the valves hard and saturate the amp’s output transformer. The crybaby offers extreme presence suitable for coaxing a very controllable feedback and harmonics. The Digitech routing allows use of the amp’s effects Mix control (for DSP) while the compression limits the peaks from the Crybaby as well as increases the sustain. This is the most noiseless setup I’ve ever used.

Humbucker pickups into:
GCB95 Crybaby Wah into:
Boss DS-1:
Tone @ 9 o’clock
Dist @ MAX
Level @ 1 o’clock

Into MS 6100LM head:
Ch. 2 (mode A)
Low Comp = In
All ch. knobs @ MAX
Presence @ 4
Master Vol @ 10
Power Tube Mode = Pentode
Power = High
Damping = Auto
Loop Level = In
Parallel Loop = In
Line Input Activation = In

Master FX send/Return into Digitech Studio Quad v2:
Input/Output #1: Chorus/Delay module (w/ fdbk into chorus)

Series loop Send/Return into Digitech:
Input/Output #2: Compression module (light comp preset)

Spkr Output into Marshall PB100 Power Brake:
Set @ 3 o’clock

Brake Output into Marshall 1960A cab loaded with 4 Celestion 25w Greenbacks.


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