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Rock & Roll

Equipment Used
Epiphone Del Ray, Randall 4×12 cab(warhead)

Straight Rocking, with a ton of Balls. It has great tone, and is very versitile. I like playing spaced out jazzy stuff, as well as blues, straight up rock n’ roll, and fast diminished metally stuff. So all you metal kids, forget about the Dual Rectifier, you’ll get the sound your looking for, and then some out of this head.

Presence for the clean, lead, and crunch, 6. I keep the reverb at about 4 on the clean, and just around 3 on the lead and crunch.

Bass is at 10, straight up. Mid on the clean is at about 6, for the lead about 5, and the crunch around 6. High on the clean is at 6, and for the lead and crunch between 4 and 5(trust me when it’s cranked, that’s pleanty of high). Volume, that depends where you’re playing, but you should never have it down below 4.


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