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Pure Metal

Equipment Used
Hamer Explorer, BOSS GE-7 (graphic EQ), Jim Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby

It’s a completely midless sound, very heavy, chuggy sound. it’s almost perfect. the only thing really lacking is a sterileness only associated with EMG pickups (which i can’t afford….yet), and another degree of gain only found in mesa/boogies (generally). but this is the best sound i could get from this amp, and it’s far more than satisfying, it ROCKS!

I have the treble at 9, the bass at 7, the mids at 0, and the presence is at 7.5. first in the effects loop is the EQ. It’s got 7 bands, and I have the lowest 2 frequencies at just above even, the next 3 bands at complete cut, and the highest 2 frequencies at just under full boost


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