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Old Aerosmith

Equipment Used
Marshall MKII 100 watt model 1959 SLP head, ’69 re-issue amp. According to Steve Grindrod in the book: “History of Marshall” by Michael Doyle, he states “The SLP (re-issue) was based on a specific unit found which, after comparisons, sounded best, and the components (in the SLP) are matched to those in that unit.”

Super-fantastic old Marshall sound but with more distortion and bottom end punch than a regular MKII. If you want to correctly Hot-Rod your old Marshall, and you can get it to South Florida, you can contact my amp guy, Gary @ Alpha Kinetics Repairs (954) 565-2216. Every guitar player who knows anything in Ft. Lauderdale recommends this guy. My amp screams! (no I’m not being paid, just a happy customer.) Also, realize on the settings below my “normal loudness” acts like a pre-amp setting because my normal channel is cascaded into the high treble channel. And Gary has added an Attenuation to my amp but on the setting below, it is set to wide open. You could probably use a real tube distortion pedal infront of a regular MKII and get a similar effect.

Volume: any
Presence: 0
Bass: 8 1/2
Mid: 1 7/8
Treb: 7 1/2
High Loudness: 1/2 (less than 1, still LOUD)
Normal Loudness (pre-amp): 7 1/2
INTO a 1960A jcm900 300watt cab.

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