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Lights Out

The most satisfying rhythm/lead tone possible!

Plug your Flying V (or Les Paul, etc.) with 57 Classic (PAF humbucking) pickups into the Wah then the Rat (with distortion at the 9 o’clock setting & with the filter and volume all the way to the right) then into the amp’s Channel One High Input and crank it all the way to 10 (no master volume). All other tone controls set to 10 (except bass on 0-1 to cut the mud out) Use the Variac to lower the voltage from the wall to 90 volts AC (this smooths out the tone and lowers the volume slightly while saving on tubes, too!). Plug the speaker output from the amp into the Hotplate’s input and then from the Hotplate speaker output into the Marshall 4×12 (must be 30 watt drivers). Attenuate the cab at around -8dB on the Hotplate and wail to your heart’s content. The more you play the better YOU sound! With no pedals on it is the most classic crunchy rhythm sound you will ever use and with the Rat’s subtle boost, the leads sing with a golden voice without altering the original tone. Using the wah is always a ton o’ fun. Note: A thicker sound can be achieved by linking Channel One’s low input to Channel Two’s input and blending Channel Two’s volume control for more(!) gain. TOTALLY KILLER!!!


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