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Heavy Rock / Metal

Equipment Used

Charvel Soloist with a Bill Lawrence XL-500 in bridge straight into my Marshall and custom 2×12 with selected vintage 30’s. This Marshall has the most gain of any previous Marshall, and it shows. Gain levels are about the same as the Dual Rectifier, but the Marshall has a more rock tone and smoother.


The sound is very crunchy and sustains very well. Comparable to Creed, Godsmack, new Metallica.


Master: loud as you want
Gain: 10
Bass: 6
Mids: 7
Treble: 7
This is suited for lead playing.

These settings are for a full stack only. Less cabs mean lower the master a couple notches. Have fun, distortion buds!

Just a WARNING for any players who use heads, do not crank your amp like your heros unless you have a full stack. Amp blowing is a direct result of carelessness when too much power is being put out to your speakers. A 100w amp generally sends about 125w into your speakers.


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