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Equipment Used
Gibson Les Paul Custom, I don’t need fx’s Description
These are the setting I use live on stage. It is a clean, crunch and lead sound.

Use the clean sound in combination with both pickups. Use the rythm-sound in combination with the bridge-pickup. Use the lead-sound in combination with the neck- or bridgepickup (depends on the speed of the solo).

Clean: preamp on 5, output on 4, bass on 4, mid on 6 and treble on 6.
Rythm: preamp on 8, output on 4, bass on 4, mid on 4 and treble on 5.
Lead: preamp on 8, output on 4, bass on 3, mid on 5 and treble on 6.

I put both the presence-knobs on 5, since too much presence screws up the sound in a PA-system. For the lead and clean sound I sometimes use the reverb on level 3-5, depending of the output-volume.


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