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Guns ‘N Roses

Equipment Used

  • Les Paul Standard Marshall 6100 LM (30th Anniversary)
  • 1960A cab w/greenbacks

I know Slash actually used 25th Anniversary Marshalls with Vintage Speakers, but this is the equipment I’ve got

p.s. Slash’s actual stage settings for his signature amp are in the accompanying manual (ask your marshall dealer to see the manual to take a peek!)


I was going to go out and buy a “Slash” Marshall until I noticed my 6100 was set to the 50watt mode, changing it back to 100w made all the difference! This sound setting is VERY similar to G-n-R with a little more gain. The Preamp volume is set louder than the preamp gain – this gives that driving sound. My guess is this would sound even better with a Power brake and the Master Volume turned up a bit.


LP standard into

Marshall 6100 LM (Set as follows) –

Master Vol: 1 (bedroom level)

Low comp: out

Presence: 7

Effects: n/a

Setting for Channel 3 –

bass: 9

mid: 5

treb: 5 1/2

Vol: 6

contour: off

Gain button: off

Gain: 4 1/4


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