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Equipment Used
One jcm 900 100watt head w/ a 1960A marshall 4×12 cab. coupled w/ an ibanez Rg 520Qs With a DoD “edge” pedal.

A gut renching, dissemboweling low-end, with a crunch similar to godzilla chewing up the emipre-state building, with sonic sustain.

Reverb- zero.
Bass- 10
Treb- 8.
Master volume- 8.
Gain- 10.
Presence- 7 1/2.
Mid- zero.

Also use the DoD edge pedal. It’s hard to find since DoD no longer makes it, however some pawn shops have it. It has one function , which basically adds clearity to your tone. it was orginally made for cleaning up acoustic-electric models, but does a great job w/ taking the mudd out of this sound.


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