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Balls to the Wall

Equipment Used
I have a Gibson Firebrand Sg, into an older Jimmi Hendrix wah, into a Marshall 9000 preamp, dod delay through fx loop,right output a Marshall 5210 solidstate combo with dod flanger in fx loop (only use clean channel), left output a Marshall Artist tube head w/ Marshall 212 cab, and dod chorus in its fx loop (only use clean channel).
NOTE: My preamp has had some work done to it to improve the tone, I replaced the jap circuitry with an old boss Metal zone, and old dod overdrive plus, on the drive channel.

I could pull a nice clean vintage plexi-blues breaker tone, but the overdrive is the spotlight. I could beat a Boogie, or a 5150 with the gain half up. The beauty is that I dont get 1oz of hum, its very very quiet, (like a clean channel).

The preamp- It won’t help you at all
The dod delay- L-10, R-8, D-3, R-any
Marshall 5210- clean T-7, B-10, R-5
The dod flanger- L-6, S-5, D-5, R- 6
Marshall 3203- B-10, M-0, T-5, R-6
The dod Chorus- L-5, S-5, D-10


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