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Smooth Sustain

Equipment Used:

Laney 30 watt all tube pro head
Randall s/s 80 watt head
Boss DS-1

    Setup: Laney 30 watt head is connected to the randall head with a patch cord. Use the high sensitivity jacks….the Laney has the Pre Amp at 7, the master at 3-5. All tone push pots are pulled out for DB Boost. Set the Treble to 0, the Mid to 10, the Bass to 10, and the Prescence to 5. The Randal’s settings are Treble: 0, Mids: 7, Bass: 5, Prescence: 5, Pre Gain: 7, Master: 3, and Reverb: 5. Use the red led distortion channel. The Boss DS-1 distortion pedal’s settings are: Tone at 0, Gain at 9, Level at 5. Even with my¬†Strat, single coil pickups sound so smooth. Definitely a Gary Moore style sound.

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