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Big rock/grunge sound for beginners or on a budget.

Keep it on the clean channel and set reverb at around 2. Plug your instrument (preferably with humbucking pickups) into the lo input and set the volume to the desired level. Turn the bass knob at about 8, the mid to about 3 and the treble all the way up to ten. Turn the DS-1 TONE control to about 3 and the distortion FULL ON! put the level around 3/4 of the way up. This should achieve a big sound considering it is only a transistor amp with a ‘basic’ pedal. An alternative I use to this is to select a single coil NECK pickup, turn the DS-1 tone up fully high and set your guitars tone pot all the way down. This may be used for ‘dropped-d’ tuned riffs or as a third guitar overdub.

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