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Rock and Roll

Description: I play mostly rock ‘n roll type stuff, AC/DC, Aerosmith, etc., but it works great for punk, (which is the kind of band I’m in) and probably other stuff, too.

Setting: Bass at 10, middle at 8, treble at 6 and a half, presence at 6 and a half. Master can be put to taste, but in my experience, the louder the better…as usual. I set the drive on the amp at 6 and a half, on the drive channel. That could be increased if you don’t have a Tubescreamer or the like. On the Tubescreamer, I set the tone and drive at 12 O’ Clock. the level is usually to taste, or, in my case, what time it is. The more drive channel on the amp works for a solo boost, or just when you want the guitar to sound dirtier. You can put some reverb on, too, if you so desire.

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