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Bugera 6262

These settings are for the Bugera 6262 head(or combo) that clones the Peavey 6505+.  This is a very versitile amp that can play most anything you want.  I have the head version running thru the Bugera 4×12 cabinet which sports 4 12″ Bugera speakers.  They don’ t sound too bad but could stand to be upgraded.  I run a Gibson Les Paul Standard thru a pedalboard that has a tuner, wah, od, phaser, noise suppressor, eq, and delay.

First setting I will give will almost nail Eddie’s tone on the VH1 album(close enough). 

 On the crunch channel,

-presence 3-5

-reverb 5

-low 8

-mid 4-7

-high 4-7

-gain 4

use a MXR Phase 90 with the knob turned all the way down(counter clockwise).  The reason for the ranges is because it depends on the volume.

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