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The Ultimate Tone Resource

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TS is a collaborative resource encompassing everything related to TONE. We started off as a website dedicated to amp knob settings, but have expanded to reach out to people of all skill levels.

Most content has been submitted by our visitors, and we have a few regular writers as part of our team as well.

Reasons to Sign Up

  • comment on posts and other comments
  • submit your own content (amp settings, product reviews, informational article, etc.)
  • connect with other members (forums, comments, private messaging, etc.)
  • be a part of a new, up-and-coming online community
  • gain points and in turn unlocking more features of the site

Our Points System

Our points system is a feature that allows members to gain points through interacting with the site. For example, members receive 100 points upon signing up. 5 points for comments, 50 points for submitting an article and getting it accepted by staff, etc.

Building up your points will allow you to unlock future features of the site, such as special video content. Members with a high point count may be granted the privilege to edit content to ensure accuracy.

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