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Archive | June, 2011
How to Make People Listen

How to Make People Listen

If you go to any YouTube video featuring a skilled guitarist of some degree, there are invariably a large number of comments from people arguing over who is better or worse. Let me let you in on a little secret—it doesn’t matter, idiots! There are many ways to compel an audience to listen to you–none […]

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Quest For Tone – The Holy Grail

All serious guitar players are on a quest. We call the object of our search “TONE”. But tone is an elusive and extremely objective/subjective commodity. I cannot tell you how many of my fellow guitar players, and/or my customers have come to me over the years and said “If I only had X,Y,Z pickups, or […]

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Amp Adjusting: A Walk-through with a Marshall MG100DFX

Grasping all of the features behind an amps settings can be difficult. Many musicians have an okay understanding of what knob adjustments such as EQ and Gain do, but knowledge of the exact function of such adjustments can hold a greater understanding of how to shape your tone, and how each amp is different. These […]

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La Grange Lesson – Solo and Jam [Video]

La Grange Lesson – Solo and Jam [Video]

You know this song. You know this riff. If heaven were a biker bar this song would never end. This song represents all that is awesome and badass in the world and I’m going to teach you how to play it. History ZZ Top recorded La Grange for their 1973 release Tres Hombres. It was […]

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Compression: Using it, and Using it Wisely

Compression is a useful tool for many musicians. Whether your a bassist playing a difficult line, or a guitarist that uses a wide range, compression can turn any line with inconsistent dynamics into a divine melody. That being stated, many musicians don’t fully understand how to use a compressor, or don’t know how to use […]

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The Importance of Staying in Tune

Most musicians know how bad an out of tune guitar can sound when playing in a group. Staying in tune is vital to good shows and good recordings, but sometimes simply using a tuner or tuning by ear wont help. I’ll try to shed some light on the situation here.

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